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The Role Of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing

Graphic design is the secret weapon influencing the line of business. The role of graphic design is so important. Through its function, graphic design produces quality figurative products. Graphic design can also incorporate the perfect marketing strategy so that the audience is quickly interested in our offers.

The result of all that certainly creates high conversions as expected. Thus conversions form income and profits for our business. Then what is the role of graphic design in digital marketing?

What is graphic design?

Graphic design combines creative ideas, artistic perception and graphic tools to convey a message. It was addressed to the audience with beautiful and impressive work. That way, it can be engraved deep into the audience’s hearts.

The Role Of Graphic Design - red coca cola signage surrounded by other signages
The Role Of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing – Cipta Visual – Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza on

It is an applied art form that combines images, writing, and creative ideas to effectively convey messages and implications through printed products or online graphics.

The graphic design appears everywhere, all activities of life. We can see graphic designs in magazines, advertising posters, propaganda banners on social networks, etc. Graphic design also continues to develop following the quality of human life. Through various ways, paths, and types of designs to meet human needs.

What is the role of a graphic design in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is known as a strategy for utilizing the internet to promote activities and exchange information. Digital Marketing emphasizes three factors: using digital media, reaching customers in the internet environment, and interacting with them. Although there are many different definitions and divisions, basically digital marketing will cover seven platforms, including:

  1. Website
  2. online advertising
  3. social media
  4. search engine
  5. email
  6. mobile
  7. game

One of the goals is to improve the customer experience of the products offered.

Digital marketing also has two main strategies, including:

  1. The strategy of attracting audiences with banner ads on the website, sending a series of SMS, email messages, etc., to customers to introduce products to or find suitable customers.
  2. They are attracting audiences by actively seeking customers through search activities on websites, blogs, social media channels, etc.

Why did we mention the elements of digital marketing above? The things above show that we will also encounter graphic design in every marketing channel. Websites, online advertisements, social media channels, Email or mobile & games all use graphic design publications to support that marketing activity. Banners, posters, pictures, videos, etc., are graphic design products that we will use or encounter.

Many studies have also shown a relationship between buying behaviour and selling content. Some of these behaviours include: Product design colours affect 60-80% of purchasing decisions. 93% of posts on fan pages also get more likes thanks to impressive photos and videos. It can be seen that graphic design in Digital Marketing plays a significant role.

Marketing is content and graphic design as a form

The power of marketing is strategizing, generating ideas and content. Those things only become authentic products with graphic designer support. Typical activities include packaging design, logos, labels, banners, posters, etc. is an effective form of content marketing expression to achieve the required goals.

The Role Of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing – Cipta Visual

Starting from conceptualizing the product, thinking about marketing strategies will make the design more meaningful. Graphic designers in Digital Marketing create products that help solve, meet audience needs, and build channels.

On the one hand, the audience can recognize and enjoy the product and effectively demonstrate the product value. Designers can choose between UI and UX with product features. Every tiny element or aspect such as colours, shapes, fonts, screen spacing, every transition, and interaction behaviour designed and implemented wisely can impact performance, product success, and reasonable business goals.

Brand identity

Graphic design has also become a powerful means of expressing products, even people. In practice, Design solutions are applied to create the commercial identity of a business or individual.

Graphic design in Digital Marketing, in most cases, starts from the moment the product has its logo or symbol. The brand identity will also have different graphic design products for each different brand. For example, a marketing brand identity would have Brochures, catalogues, portfolios, flyers, flyers, websites, landing pages, Facebook Fanpages, promotional videos, banner ads, email marketing. Or an outdoor brand identity will have signs, banners, means of transportation, construction vehicles, etc.

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The Role Of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing – Cipta Visual – Photo by Marcus Herzberg on

Design ideas for different products express brand colours and create their own identity to differentiate them from competitors. At the same time, it is also a way for the audience to easily remember the business brand, recognize and believe more in the business’s professionalism.

Send messages easily

The perfect graphic is a tool to help the audience express the message the business wants to convey. The design will make an impression on minds, making them remember longer.

We all love to look at pictures and videos, and it is easier to remember them than when reading long articles with too many words. Not to mention if the way of writing is not attractive.

Especially in the context of a world with solid economic competition, if businesses don’t simplify forms of advertising, don’t find ways to convey messages quickly, don’t be unattractive and straightforward, our business will likely find it difficult to reap profits. Graphics can provide the required information creatively, reasonably, and optimal way. The goal is clear to attract up to 85% of the audience. If it’s just textual content without images, it obviously can’t reach a large audience.

Make a strong impression

Graphic design is the primary method of attracting an audience. It is very effective when combined with the right content. We need to keep up with design trends, short presentations, easy-to-read font combinations, etc. That way, you will quickly make an impression to attract the expected target audience.

If the target audience is already interested, it will generate another stream of an audience to make a profit. Of course, this will support the business to grow and develop.

Graphic design is not just a form or tool to express marketing messages and goals. But as a bridge to help the audience get closer to our brand. The business will be more effective if we use graphic elements in marketing activities. Hopefully, with this article on the role of graphic design in digital marketing, we will appreciate this proffesion more.


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