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Graphic Design Trends in 2022

Design has never been and will never be static. Like fashion and architecture, the world of graphic design is also dynamic, creating new trends all the time. Then, what will the 2022 graphic design trends look like?

This trend reflects many external and internal factors, everything around us and how we feel.

The fact is, it is impossible to predict a trend unless it has existed before. That’s why, in this article, we’ve selected 9 graphic design trends that have been proven in the past year and are likely to grow even more in 2022.

3D Design

It is increasingly common for designers to adopt a 3D illustration style in their work. The rapid evolution of technology and software features helped popularize this style, making three-dimensional illustration widely used in digital design, social media publications, and branding.

Graphic Design Trends - Cipta Visual
By Sergey Prokopchuk on Behance

The apparent trend is the creation of 3D mascots who eventually become digital influencers for a brand, a strategy that some companies are adopting.

Although 3D has been around for a long time, the ease, versatility, and speed that software today offers in its creation make this style an excellent bet for years to come.

Another significant trend in 3D design is typography. His signature style adds a realistic aesthetic to the text, creating surprising visual effects that make it seem as if the words we see “jump off the screen”, as in this example of digital artist Ben Fearnley

by Ben Fearnley on BEN FEARNLEY STUDIO

Digital communication is adopted by many brands, facilitating the hassle-free use of 3D. That’s because the limitations in print media are not a problem in digital media.

And what about 3D logos? It’s probably too early to say that this is a trend that will persist. 3D logos are sometimes at odds with the minimalistic designs we’ve seen in recent years.

By Martin Naumann on Behance

However, brands will be able to further explore the three-dimensional aesthetic of their logos in digital media, as in the creative exercise of designer Martin Naumann. He created 3D chrome versions of some famous logos.

NFT era

Even if you don’t know much about crypto actives, you’ve probably heard the term “NFT” (short for Non-Fungible Token). These tokens are unique digital assets, such as digital works of art publicly listed on the blockchain.

By Amrit Pal Singh on Amritpaldesign

Several designers and illustrators are already using this technology to sell their work, as 3D illustrator Amrit Pal Singh, who converted his Toy Faces series of illustrations to NFT.

The potential of this market is huge, although it has not been widely worked on by the general public.

The recent announcement of the metaverse by Facebook – an idealization of a digital world in which virtual reality and augmented reality stand out – is one reason to believe that this topic will still be widely discussed in 2022 and beyond.

Simplified Logo

Minimalism remains solid, especially when it comes to logo creation.

Over the past few years, many brands have decided to recreate their logos. The logo redesign was made with a more straightforward and minimalistic aesthetic, leaving their old, complex, and overly detailed designs behind.

The result is a big wave of minimalism that will hit several brands in 2021, especially in the automotive sector.

While minimalism is an established trend, we can see it growing. This trend should also share the stage with other emerging trends, especially illustration.


The goal of maximalism is to reject simplicity and embrace excess. This style draws from the same source as Antidesign and seeks bold colour combinations, contrasting patterns, rule-breaking, and flavour saturation.

By Loïc Kessler on Behance

Even though it seems contradictory, the designer or illustrator who chooses this trend needs to “know how to break the rules” so that the results don’t look amateurish.

A great example is the work of illustrator and designer Loïc Kessler, who creates illustrations with lots of elements and saturated colours, creating a unique style.


Static content is becoming increasingly obsolete, forcing companies to create ad content with motion and animation to grab users’ attention and make them stop scrolling (at least for a few seconds).

This has created a strong demand for designers for a movement, which uses shape, colour, and animated typography to create work that stands out from the competition, bringing tangible (and measurable) results to the companies that employ them.

In the video above, you can see the dynamism that movement brings to a brand. Works by Holographic studio.

If you’re a graphic designer used to working with static content, consider upgrading your skills and immersing yourself in the world of motion design.

Smooth Gradient

Still in the dream world, subtle gradients seem to emerge from a dream and become a big trend taking over the graphic design world.

This gradation can be seen in many places with subtle looks, soft pastels, and rough textures, from social media posts to web design to brand and packaging designs.

Colorful Minimalist

If, when thinking about minimalism, you’ve already envisioned a monochromatic color palette and lots of white space, maybe it’s time to revisit your concept.

The colorful minimalist trend stems from classic minimalism without giving up the colorful palette and often bright colors.

By Jo Cutri Studio

This style is growing in popularity in branding, combining large amounts of white space with bright colors and vice versa.


Concerns about the environment are increasing, and we can see this trend, especially in packaging design.

Eco-aesthetics goes beyond superficial allusions to nature and biodiversity in graphic design work. Sustainable materials, paints and finishes take centre stage, leading influential brands to see them as mandatory packaging.

Samantha Goh , Jacqueline Vu, Canada.

Product designers increasingly need to update themselves on environmentally friendly materials so that their designs contribute to a more sustainable future.


When we talk about design trends for the next few years, we’re not setting rules but highlighting some of the things that have already happened.

A trend or style does not emerge overnight at a simple turn of the year but is a continuous process that occurs gradually over an unknown period, which can be short or long.

People change, designers change, thoughts mature, styles come and go, and it’s only natural that design will follow suit and adapt.

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