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What Is Advertising? Advertising is a familiar term that almost everyone knows it. Advertising is always close and exists around us. Whether you are a customer or a business person, you are still exposed to countless ads every day. Ads bring you a lot of helpful information. For business people, advertising will help products and services reach many potential customers. In the following article, Cipta Visual will dig deeper into the definition of advertising and types of advertising.



There will be many basic advertising concepts. Those advertising ideas all have the same biggest goal: to create positive effects on users’ perception and behavior and Then, however, direct them to purchase decisions, specific service subscription decisions, and decisions that will benefit your business.

Advertising here is considered a form of propaganda and promotion for which investors will have to pay a fee. In return, they can introduce their products and services to more potential customers.

With advertising, your business will easily reach and exploit a large potential customer market. It can easily find more customers, sell more products, and along with that, The brand of the business will also develop in parallel with the sales goal.

Currently, online advertising services promote their power quite well, creating a good business and viral effect. Along with that, traditional advertising services are still somewhat showing—their roles, such as television commercials.

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Business activities rely on advertising to develop, which is the common point of most today. An industry with a well-developed company believes that they have a good advertising department, creating advertising campaigns that optimize the budget and help companies find many customers.

Thanks to advertising, your business can introduce the items and products your business is doing business to as many consumers as possible. Your business’s effects can appear on television, appear in magazines, in newspapers, or with online advertising services. Your products can reach consumers through websites: social networks, news sites.

The biggest goal of advertising is to positively impact users’ awareness and behavior and then, of course, direct them to purchase decisions and subscription decisions. Specific services and decisions that will benefit your business.

Talking about current advertising services, it must be said that there are quite a few services for your business to choose from, from television advertising, advertising through events, promotional advertising, public advertising, to online advertising.

There are many choices, but these choices have different specific supports. Depending on other groups of products and services, businesses can choose from a wide range of products and services when choosing a particular advertising service. Your business should decide to choose the most suitable.


3.1 Understanding Product Information

The advertising content should contain complete information about the product or service. To do this, the first thing you have to do is learn carefully about the information about the product or service you are about to advertise. If you do not understand what the product is for, the benefits of that product or service. However, what is the use of that product or service? You will certainly not convey all the necessary information to the target customer.

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3.2 Right Target Customers

No matter how good an advertising message is, if it is not conveyed to the right target customers, that advertising message also becomes meaningless. Before you want to promote any product, you must determine what kind of customer group might use your product.

For example, You have a branded handbag product, but you choose the target audience as workers and students. So you are targeting the wrong customers.

3.3 Right Time to Advertise

Effective advertising is not simply understanding the product and the right target customer. An essential thing you need to keep in mind is to have the right time. That’s why on advertising tools, there are the categories “golden hour,” “golden hour” means the peak hours when users watch television or surf social networking sites, entertainment. Or, depending on the product or service, choose the appropriate advertising time.

3.4 The Right Advertising Tool

In addition to the above factors, you need to know how to use the right advertising tools to make your ads effective. Therefore, if you are a newly developed business, you should learn all the advertising tools to use the right advertising tools from time to time, depending on the type of product/service.

3.5 Maintain Advertising Activity

Even though your product/service already has a strong foothold in the market, you should not ignore advertising. At this stage, you maintain traditional advertising to help customers not forget your brand. Especially with today’s fiercely competitive market, you need to appear and keep your brand image with consumers constantly.


4.1 Facebook Ads

Facebook is the hottest online advertising service today. More than 70% of current products and services are suitable for advertising on the social networking platform Facebook

Your job is to prepare the budget and advertising content. Facebook will support you to display products and services to millions of users on Facebook. And of course, priority will be given to the group of potential customers for the products and services that you are providing

Thus, Facebook ads support you to promote highly effective sales and business activities. At the same time, excellent brand development. Let’s learn about Facebook Ads right away

4.2 What is Google Adwords Advertising?

Like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords is also extremely hot, helping you reach potential customers in a highly effective way.

With Google Adwords, you can display ads on:

– Google search page

– Newspapers, websites belonging to the Google display network

– Youtube and all other Google products like Google Maps, Google Mail.

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What Is Advertising? – Cipta Visual – Adobe Stock

4.3 Advertising What is GDN?

GDN advertising is a form of advertising in Google Ads. GDN advertising, also known as Google Display Network, ads that will be displayed on Google’s Network system include:

– Major newspapers and websites are content partners of Google

– Applications, games.

– Youtube and other high-traffic products developed by Google.

You can advertise the video, banner images, or text format with Google GDN ads.

4.4 What is Online Advertising?

This term includes all current online advertising channels such as Facebook, Google, Zalo, Coc Coc, Youtube. Just advertising based on the internet platform, people call it online advertising, or online advertising.

Online advertising is clearly distinguished from media advertising (television, radio, leaflets), and now this is the mainstream advertising trend that gradually replaces traditional advertising methods that we have known.

4.5 What is TVC Advertising?

TVC stands for Television Commercials. This form of advertising allows you to use images to introduce your products, services, or brands on television programs, broadcast channels depending on the needs of the audience. you choose

TVC ads will be integrated with the following TV programs accordingly. This type of advertisement is very contagious. And not subject to any limitation on:

– Audience group.

– Space-time.

– Geographical distance.

4.6 What Is Youtube Advertising?

It was not simply defined as the ad that will show on Youtube. Along with that is the video ad format that easily conveys the advertising message, has a high ability to go viral, and converts orders well.

Promotional videos can be displayed before, during, and at the end of the user’s video on Youtube. In addition, you can also advertise in the form of image banners, advertise Youtube homepage (this form is quite expensive).

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What Is Advertising? – Cipta Visual – Photo by Fox on Unsplash

4.7 What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising is abbreviated as OOH. This form of advertising supports increasing brand awareness exceptionally well and is much more economical than television advertising.

With outdoor advertising, you will be able to go to options including Bus stop, bus, taxi, elevator, Poster. Try Idenusa for services.

4.8 What is Banner Advertising?

Image banner ads are usually associated with GDN advertising. You will display banner ads on websites belonging to the Google display network.

It can also be 100% confirmed that what we see on the internet the most are banner ads. They appear everywhere, on the websites that we still visit frequently.

Advertising design is art, and this art is creating significant value in sales and brand development.

4.9 What Is an Advertising Message?

The advertising message is simply the content from the ad that you want to convey to your customers based on text content, image design, video.

When you want to create a specific message for your ad, you need to focus on the following:

– Inviting customers

– Good demonstration of the core value from the product

– Slogan, corporate slogan

4.10 What is an Advertising Booth?

It is understood as a small space for advertising and introducing products to many customers. Advertising booths will often be used when businesses have promotions or launch new products and want to be known by many people.

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What Is Advertising? – Cipta Visual – Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

4.11 What Is Television Advertising?

Television advertising is also the form of advertising that we most often see on radio channels.


– Before a movie show is a series of promotional videos.

– It’s the same in the middle of this movie program.

– And finally, there’s more.

TV advertising prices will be high or low depending on whether the channel has many viewers and when you want the ad to show.


5.1 Google Ads

Google Ads is the general name we refer to the many advertising services that Google provides. In addition to the two familiar terms Google Adwords and Google GDN, Google also provides a series of other advertising services on each developed product, such as Google Maps, Google Play.

Google all develop their advertising services here. The feature of Google’s advertising services is that they can quickly bring your products and services to a large customer market, which will be an excellent opportunity for your business. Your business grows your business, develops your brand.

5.2 Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising service is where your business’s ad will be displayed on the newsfeed, reaching countless users and customers in the selected target audience.

Facebook also provides a variety of advertising methods to support businesses, such as article ads, app ads, video ads, carousel ads. Companies can choose and invest in ways—the most suitable form of advertising.

5.3 Youtube Ads

If you have an advertising idea with videos, you can choose Youtube Ads. In addition to videos, you can also choose to place advertising banners on the videos played here. Youtube also supports you in displaying ads and reaching the most potential customers.


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