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What Is a Template: Do You Really Need It?

What Is a Template? What benefits does the template bring? How to choose a suitable template for your website? The following article will provide you with the most helpful information about templates.

When designing a web interface, the template element is indispensable. Templates are very diverse and rich, with more unique features, giving users the best experience. So what is a template? What are the benefits that templates bring? Let’s find out through the article below.

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1. What is a Template?

A template is a tool for enforcing a standard layout and look and feel across multiple pages or within content regions. We can understand that templates are layout templates that have been designed with random colors and forms but ensure harmony. Users only need to download the available templates when they want to use them to design the web interface and customize the content to their liking.

Templates standard in slides on PowerPoint software, template text editor Word, the template when designing web interface. Templates are a top choice for those who do not have much design expertise but still want to create beautiful publications. Having templates available also save readers a lot of time.

2. What is a template in web design?

Templates in web interface design are one or more simple page layouts called themes. In web interface design, templates can be understood as ready-made website templates used for a specific type of interface or website. Templates in web interface design are pretty diverse, rich, and unique, listed for sale with prices ranging from $20 – $50, but sometimes there are completely free templates.

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1. Save time

The first benefit to mention is time-saving. Before being made public, each template in the web interface design must be studied very carefully, such as layout, colors, and more, to create the most beautiful product. The design layout must also be designed so that the reader can best grasp the information. There are thousands of templates available, and you need to choose the template you like best, suitable for your web interface design without having to sit down and design a new one. This saves a lot of time during the website design process.

2. Cost saving

Because of its availability and thousands of different templates, it is usually only sold at a low price and helps users save a lot of production costs. Users do not need to spend a lot of money to hire a web interface designer but can easily find ready-made templates that stand with their wishes.

3. Easy to update

Although the same manufacturer produces many templates, we need to press Update to get a better version. This helps to maintain the stability of the website and avoid errors. When using available templates to design web interfaces, users can easily update trends, and hot templates will help keep the strength of your website. When new trends are born, You can easily change the interface with the available templates without spending too much time designing a new one.

4. High accuracy

To design a successful web interface, you must care about accuracy and understand code. Instead of developing new codes, users can use templates with existing code to achieve the highest accuracy. In case you need to edit in-depth, you need to write the code. Otherwise, many websites support SEO standard web interface design.


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1. Suitable for business lines

You are doing business in a specific field and looking for a web interface design suitable for your business, choosing the right template will help your website bring a more authentic look to your website client. Therefore, you need to select a template that makes an impression on customers and can see product-related information when designing the web interface.

2. Reasonable color and layout

When choosing a template, you should give preference to those with a reasonable layout and harmonious colors to create a comfortable feeling for customers when looking at them. But the color and layout still need to ensure the business content and the information to be conveyed to the customer.

3. Standard SEO interface, Mobile standard

The standard SEO interface here means that the URL elements, heading tags 1 heading 2, title, description, and more, need to stand out because those things will help your website top quickly and be recognized so many people know your URL.

4. Select design unit

Although there are many templates available, you should also carefully choose reputable website design units so that they can advise you and help you choose the most suitable templates for your website.


1. Strengths

1.1. Create a unique brand

When choosing a web interface design method, the design team will find out the goals and direction of the brand to create unique template designs that are not incompatible with any existing templates. The graphic design team will use all their creativity to come up with ideas for your interface design. Especially that design still conveys the message to the audience.

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1.2. SEO Optimization

SEO optimization will become very easy when users apply unique design because it is SEO friendly, created independently. With different SEO techniques, the design of the web interface will be special and unique.

1.3. Save more time

If you have a long-term strategy for your brand, you should invest in a unique design website. Although the production cost of a unique web design can be high at first, a unique design can save a lot of money when it comes to website expansion.

1.4. Easy to edit

With a website entirely owned by you, you can easily customize and change it to your liking without being copyrighted or for any other reason. In particular, a unique design website also allows users to add unlimited page styles. For this reason, more and more unique design websites are born.

2. Weaknesses

2.1. Waste of time

If you choose a unique website design, you will spend more time perfecting the website in the best way. The template design stage is crucial. It needs to be carefully conceptualized and meticulously designed. In addition, it takes time to learn about the company’s direction, so it will take more time to develop.

2.2. Easy to miss

For a unique design website and the external design, it is also related to the code, so it will be easy to cause certain shortcomings and need to be corrected. This is considered one of the fundamental weaknesses of a unique design website.

2.3. High cost

Because it takes more time to design a custom web interface and to come up with ideas than a standard template, the cost of creating a unique web interface is also higher. But in return, you will get a quality website, unique, with your style.

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1. Template Monster

At, users can find more than 3000 templates on various topics, and the templates here are constantly updated regularly. In particular, the web interface designed here is compatible with all mobile devices.

2. Free Website Templates

At, you will download countless unique templates.

3. Themeforest

If you want to design web interfaces and find templates with complex interfaces and complicated features, you can visit the following link:

4. Colorlib

If you are busy and do not have time to search big themes, you can visit to search. Here users will see the best-selling themes from time to time, so it will not take too much time to explore.

Thus, through the above article, we have provided readers with the most helpful information about templates, choosing suitable web interface designs, template download websites, and the advantages and disadvantages of a unique website.

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