How effective is a sales funnel to an Ecommerce business

The sales funnel has disadvantages and advantages. It is a tool that makes it easy to sell your products. It’s like a pipeline with engagement stages and customer feedback. These stages are known as “funnels”. The steps of the sales funnel include Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, & Conversion.

What is a Sales Funnel?

The diagram below shows how the sales funnel works: As you can see in this image, the salesman or marketer gets prospects through different types of marketing channels such as online ads and social media.

Sales funnel to an Ecommerce business
Sales funnel to an Ecommerce business

Then they gather information about their needs and wants through surveys. After that is done with the prospecting stage; then comes up to an awareness stage where they show the potential benefit of buying your product/service.

If they are interested in what you have to offer then you move on to another step which is the interest stage, where they express their desire for your product/service by filling out an online form or making a phone call etcetera.

Your sales funnel could exist as a Retail store Sales team Website Email Personal consultation Any marketing channel can be part of your sales funnel, and your funnel might be spread across several channels.

Three stages of a sales funnel

A funnel is a flow pattern in which only a small number of variants exist (often 3 or 4), and each feed off one another as they get larger. It implies an escalating commitment, taken on by the “lowest common denominator” (also known as the Largest Common Denominator) to accept their marketing solution but then reaching for full optimization when conversion statistics indicate that might not be required

Awareness Stage

Where you get your prospects by getting them aware that there are products/services that they need or want. You can do this through online ads and social media, for example Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Interest Stage

This is where the prospect expresses their interest in buying your product/service, so you move on to another step which is the Desire stage where they express their desire for what you have to offer. They might fill out an online form or make a phone call etcetera.

Desire Stage

The person has expressed their interest in what you offer; now all that’s left is action! If they don’t take any action then you might consider repeating steps 1-4 until they do buy something from your business. However, if they take action then great! Your sale has been made! It’s time to measure how many people purchased from you.

Seeing the funnel from a customer’s perspective

A marketplace is a website or app where people sell items they created themselves. Marketplaces are an efficient way to help new business owners start selling their products and driving sales with minimal risk, usually because each transaction is backed by the trust in the marketplace that allows for reviews among buyers.

Ecommerce Marketplaces

Marketplaces can be a great way to reach new customers and grow your business. By creating an online store and importing products from carefully selected manufacturers, you are automatically qualifying as “authentic” to the item being offered in your marketplace. This allows buyers to trust that what they’re buying is something reasonably close to being authentic. This sets up engagement which gives users an incentive to move through the give-em-foods-and-the… stages

Product promotion

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Decision price objectives

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If a funnel doesn’t convince someone to buy at least one of your products, then it’s not really a sales funnel. Most businesses will make money back by selling only one thing. So, be sure that you have the minimum 30 people or so in the “Considering lead” percent right there with their credit card edges on the table and ready to buy some stuff.

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