CMS WEBSITE – To create a web is actually not as difficult as it has been imagined. In recent years, the CMS platform has grown rapidly as a solution for anyone who wants to create a website easily and quickly. You only know enough about the appropriate web CMS options for building a business.

There are many different CMS available for free with a myriad of interesting features. You just have to sort and adapt it to your needs to build a good business website, without the need for programming or coding skills.

CMS interpretation is a software system that functions to control, change, and create content on a website. CMS or Content Management System is often an option because it is more effective and efficient during the web creation process. Its security is more guaranteed than designing your own web by doing manual coding.

Various CMS Used to Create Websites

There are many types of CMS which are still used for various digital promotion purposes,

such as creating online stores, websites, company profiles, website apps, and landing pages. Here are some of the best CMS that are very widely used.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. Currently, its users have reached more than 40 million users. Many sites use WordPress to build websites, such as websites for government agencies, industries, and individuals.

This matter can not be separated because the use of WordPress is very easy. You only need a few steps to install WordPress to the hosting you are using. But first, you also need to determine the domain name, where to rent hosting, and so on.

The power of WordPress is supported by many developers who improve plugins or themes. So it is very flexible to create various types of web according to needs. WordPress is a CMS for a user-friendly and easy-to-use business website, especially for newcomers.


The next variety of CMS, is Joomla. You must have heard the name Joomla, considering that its name is as famous as WordPress. Joomla is a CMS software that is open source. One of the advantages lies in the ease of editing content. Not only that, you are also easier to manage, replace, add, and delete various content on the web.

Business websites built using Joomla have very good results. With the support of Joomla templates, it can make it easier for you to create a website that fits your needs. Joomla can be an alternative for those of you who are bored with the WordPress interface to get a new experience.


Released in 2001, Drupal still exists today. This CMS is very friendly for newcomers, because of the convenience that can be experienced from the installation process to the creation of web content. Drupal offers easy customization, thus helping you in improving a website.

For optimal customization, you should have good programming skills because this CMS is listed which requires more action. Even so, Drupal has advantages for managing multilingual websites, user management, and good web security.


It could be that you are still unfamiliar with the CMS that is widely used to build this online store. There are many kinds of online store CMS, but Magento is more of an option than its competitors. Various features related to online stores, such as product sorting, photo enlargement, payment method options can be added to this CMS.

There are 2 types of Magento that you can choose from, an open source-based community edition that can be used for free or using a paid type.

The advantages and benefits that you will have when using Magento, this CMS allows you to manage multiple websites or online stores from a single panel. This is because it is equipped with various features, ranging from marketing tools, site management, analytics, multiple stores, especially virtual malls.


Although not as popular as Wordpress or Drupal, Dotclear color can be a mainstay for managing the web. Dotclear is an open source based CMS that allows anyone to use it as a web or web. CMS Dotclear was first raised by Olivier Meunier in 2001.

Using Dotclear will allow you to write articles or content, whether in plain text, using Wiki syntax, especially in HTML form. Dotclear can be an option if you want to create a simple and fast website.

Not only the CMS above, there are still many kinds of CMS that exist today. CMS will be very helpful in managing a website, so it is highly recommended to use it. Use what is heard very often so that there are not many obstacles in its management.

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