First impressions do count. The way your business looks and the manner in which you conduct yourself set the tone for every interaction with your customers. By creating impactful design assets and crafting a unique visual language, Cipta Visual designers and branding experts can build a brand identity that clearly expresses who you are, not just the first time, but every time.

Advertising Campaigns

Ideas that get your message across loud and clear. Whether you’re promoting a service or launching a brand, advertising connects you to the largest audiences. We have big, fresh and engaging ideas to tell your stories seamlessly across all kinds of advertising media – from press and outdoor to radio, TV and online.

And at the heart of every message is clarity. Because we understand that if your audience doesn’t get what you’re asking them to do, you’ll have no luck persuading them to do it.

Website Design

Make your online presence as inviting as it is informative. Your website is home to everything your audience needs to know about you. That’s a lot of information.

We design beautiful websites and satisfying, interactive user experiences that make your brand easy to access, simple to understand and enjoyable to explore. It’s that kind of clarity that turns curious visitors into loyal customers.

Digital Design

Digital products that look the part and act the part. The digital world provides all kinds of exciting new opportunities to connect with your audience through apps, platforms and digital products.

We’ll help you decide which technology is right for your business, and we’ll ensure it always reflects your brand’s personality – not only in the way that it looks, but how it works and how it feels.

Print Design

Ensure you’re just as beautiful in real life. In a digitally focused world, there’s something charming about a nice piece of print. The beautiful finishes, the different stocks and the fact you can smell it, touch it and hold it in your hands all add up to make your message more distinctive, more memorable and just a little more sophisticated.

Which is why, at Big Cat, we’re not only experts at designing for print, we’re passionate about it.

Brand Identity

Don’t just stand out, stand for something.
Your logo and brand identity is just that – who you are. It’s how people decide if they want to get to know you better. So getting to know you better is the first thing our branding experts do when crafting your identity.

Because only when we understand what really makes you tick can we develop logos, brand styles and give you a voice that will reflect your personality and truly connect with your audience.